Chill Out Lounge på Wellbeing Festival

Trenger du en pause fra interessante foredrag og fristende standområde? Finn en comfy spot i chill out-loungen og nyt musikken fra DJ Goodnight med venner på Wellbeing Festival!

I november i år innvier vi en ny, fresh lounge, hvor man kan chille og slappe av. Vår kjære DJ Goodnight og andre vil spille deilig musikk – ta med deg vennene dine og heng!

About DJ Goodnight:
Welcome to an urban fairy in her dreamy world of colors and glitters.
DJ Goodnight was born with a heart that beats for music, and music that beats for hearts. Her fingers first touched the CDJ´s in 2010 and she became obsessed with mastering the craft from then on. After getting the opportunity to be in an agency in 2012, she decided it was time to pursue DJing as a full time career.

Although house dominated her early turntable diet, Goodnight is a polygamous lover of music, and today she pursues true open format DJing. Having immersed herself in many styles of music over the years, from house to hip-hop/r&b, to old school, rock, pop and much more; she hustles to find any opportunity to play, be it nighclubs, bars, restaurants, weddings, or corporate parties. She loves the challenge to please different crowds, vibes, and expectations.

Her musical and mental eccentricity comes from a genuine place. In a world obsessed with deciding what´s right and wrong in an ever-changing segment, Goodnight has her focus on her love of diversity, and making people smile, dance and enjoy their night. Her best moments is when her music makes people happy.


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